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Scribble Pen beta program persists despite double-shutdown


If you’ve been following this blog, you already know all about the Scribble Pen project which has been ejected from two different crowd funding platforms for providing misleading information about their level of progress on their pen that can supposedly write in any color.

During their second funding attempt, the team opened a volunteer beta tester program.  The obvious question is how they could offer beta test units when they had no evidence of a working functional prototype in the first place, but that was far from the most confusing part of their campaign.

Now, months after shutting down and moving to “private investment“, the team has sprung back to life offering their beta testers access to test units for free! (with a $15 shipping fee).

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Coin: Update


Coin, the card of cards, is back with a couple of updates: a “tap-to-unlock” feature, and a video demonstration of their latest prototype.

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Nymi: Update


When we originally looked into Nymi, the wrist-worn authentication device that identifies users by their electrocardiogram (ECG), we were skeptical but open-minded. Published algorithms managed a 10% false accept rate, which, though far from perfect, might be good enough for some consumer applications. And perhaps Nymi could do even better.

Nymi promised a white paper with greater detail on their underlying technology, and I had high hopes it would put these questions to rest. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

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Coin: One card to rule them all

coin_device_20_nov_2013Coin got a lot of press last week with headlines like “Is this the future of your wallet?” and “New device combines all credit cards into super card”.

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Nymi and biometric authentication


Nymi promises a future free of keys, PINs, and passwords, like a universal remote for modern life that uses your heartbeat like a fingerprint.

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