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Angel announces four month delay


Perhaps not too surprisingly, the incredibly sophisticated Angel wristband that we covered a few months ago has unapologetically pushed its delivery date back from mid-April to mid-August nearly doubling the waiting period backers were promised in November. The team has apparently made some strides in other areas however as they promise to deliver their first SDK by March 28 and have also completed what they claim is a fully featured development prototype.

More details in their announcement.

Angel demonstrates working Inertial Measurement Unit


It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Angel, and it looks like they’ve made some progress as shown in their latest updates.

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Angel project update demonstrates heart rate monitoring


The Angel health monitor team released a video demonstrating a prototype this week, but we’re not exactly impressed.

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Angel wearable health sensor


Link to Indiegogo campaign.

Of the many fitness trackers we’ve seen on crowdfunding sites such as the Misfit Shine, and …FitBark, none have offered concrete health benefits beyond the general data logging that gives you some idea of how active you’ve been and if it’s okay to get the Value Size fries.

In addition to fitness and performance tracking, the new “Angel” project plans to actually save lives.
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