Unable to produce a better video, Scribble ditches Kickstarter entirely for Crowdtilt



After a bizarre decision to completely shut down their Kickstarter campaign rather than simply produce a better product video, the team behind the Scribble Pen went virtually radio silent for over a week despite repeatedly broken promises to relaunch their campaign.  They finally broke that silence today revealing some unsettling changes to their project.

The team seems to have abandoned the Kickstarter platform entirely opting instead for CrowdTilt.  Considering the huge mass of enthusiastic backers eagerly awaiting the return of the campaign to Kickstarter, this decision can only be explained by the team’s inability to satisfy Kickstarter’s demands.

Further evidence of this is in their new video which not only doesn’t provide the key “select color-draw-select different color-draw” demonstration repeatedly requested by backers, it also includes some bizarre attempts at movie-magic using camera cuts that would offend even GOB Bluth.



Other changes include the addition of some kind of “tip cleaner” which was added as a $25 option with no further explanation.


So like…do I need that? or what? The body of their new campaign is copied word for word from their original Kickstarter launch, so no mention of this change is made.

This whole ordeal has been a fascinating and bizarre sequence of events.  This team has now produced two completely distinct videos neither of which demonstrate product functionality.  The only logical explanation for this is that they do not have a working prototype and are desperately trying to hide that fact.

The relaunched project currently has 25 backers after just a few hours.  It’ll be interesting to see if they reach the levels it did the first time around.


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  1. Awkward, I just got a newsletter by the Scribble-Pen guys, claiming that you can now preorder the pen. Call me skeptic about this o_Ô

  2. Some update, das I got another newsletter. They surpassed their goal of 100,000.00 $. By now the crowdfunder stands by some 120,000.00 $ with some 700 backers. The people still believe in the project, it seems. And I hope that theiy won’t get disappointed . I for myself just wait till the pen is really on the market and we have some actual product reviews on our hands.

  3. Noticed a few suspicious things on their new video (which they’ve taken down now): http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=j6h75e%3E&s=8
    Reply to me if the video doesn’t work and I can send it to you, but @:39, :59, and 1:03… they seem to pause the video and the environment (and hands) shift, then record when they manually switched the color. Making me think they’re far from a prototype, let alone near production, or it’s all a scam. Starting to feel like the Indiegogo scam: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/indiegogo-campaign-never-delivers-product-founder-95369734464.html

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