Zendure battery copied on Indiegogo


If you took a look at some of the new campaigns on Indiegogo recently, you might have noticed a familiar project:


We’ve talked about Zendure before, but these aren’t the same guys.

There isn’t a whole lot of story here, but according to a user on reddit, someone has copied the Zendure project in its entirety and republished it on Indiegogo.  They even went as far as to copy the bio page:


The best part is that it’s flex-funded, so even if these guys miss their goal, they get to keep all the money.  They’ve made $21 so far assuming they don’t get shut down before they can collect.  I think this is a definite win for whoever approves projects on Indiegogo.

If you’ve got a moment, head over there and report this project for fraud.  The (real) Zendure project responded very well to our writeup, and we wish them all the best.


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  1. You guys are the Woodward and Berstein of tech
    …am I dating myself here?

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