ZENDURE crush proof batteries RESPONSE


Got an email from Zendure regarding our coverage of their project.  Bryan their CEO has clarified some of our concerns.

Hi Dropkicker,

Thanks a lot for reviewing our Kickstarter campaign (https://drop-kicker.com/?p=6). My name is Bryan Liu, CEO of Zendure USA Inc. I’m writing to clarify the concerns you raised in this article.

First of all, please let me introduce a little bit background information about the project. We started this project over 6 months ago, collaborating with one of the largest external battery manufacturers in the world. That’s why we have access to the top facilities and top components which you don’t think a start-up like us can do. That’s also why we are so confident in the quality of our product.

Texas Instrument chip. The model we are using for the Zendure series is BQ24195RGER, not some $1 off the shelf parts that you were referring to. The partnership manufacturer purchase hundreds of thousands of Texas Instrument chips per year. We didn’t mention the model number because not everyone on Kickstarter are interested in knowing. It’s not a household chip name like those of Intel or Apple.

  1. I agree with you that other components play an important role in terms of efficiency too, but the Texas Instrument is the key of the whole system, and all other components are chosen around the control chip to maximize efficiency, and we don’t think it’s necessary to list all the components to the Kickstarter backers, as that’ll be too much information.
  2. For the estimated charge times, it’s true that we haven’t done extensive charge time for all the units we mentioned, but for the 14 devices we have done tests so far, the formula works, as long as it’s charged via the 1A port and powered off when being charged. But thanks for your reminder, I’ve added an sentence to explain the situation that users may find to be different, as there are so many factors involved when charging a device, like the oldness of the device, the room temperature, etc.
  3. The video is definitely not faked. We do have edited it and cut some places for a better watching experience of the mass viewers. Frankly speaking, that running over clip took us over a dozen times, using the same battery, but we think it’s rather boring to show all those run-overs, so we just picked one.
  4. Thanks for pointing out the DueIWantThat.com quote. We have removed it.
  5. To your quote “they really seem to be stretching some of their claims a bit counting on the fact that no third party at the moment can verify them”, the good news is that we have sent several review units to several third party reviewers, and we can’t wait to see the results just like you.

Again, we understand that we are an early start-up and we are questioned a lot. Thank you for making our project better.

I have also submitted this email to the comments. Grateful if you could approve it. Thanks!

Best regards,

Bryan Liu

Great response Bryan.  We took the liberty of removing your comment on that post and adding a much more visible link to this response at the top of the post.

Also, if anyone is wondering, the BQ24195RGER is a $3.15 part.


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