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Airfy wireless hotspot


The Airfy team claims that their new line of wireless devices will make it simpler for individuals or businesses to set up advanced and secure wireless networks.  The product looks good, but there are some business challenges and gaps in their product description that leave me with a few big questions such as “what does the app that ties all of these things together actually look like?”

While it looks like Airfy is pitching a new wireless router, closer investigation reveals that they’re trying to start up an internet services based company that will utilize a global network of devices such as those pitched in their campaign.  Many of the advertised features require pervasive use of their technologies, and yet some of those features may hinder widespread adoption.

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Smarty Ring provides “alerts right on your finger”


Note: this photo does not even remotely represent the actual dimensions of the product.

Link to Indiegogo

The Smarty Ring Indiegogo campaign ended this week smashing its fundraising goal amid a huge flurry of interest in the final stretch.  Unfortunately, as stated at the top of their project description “All pictures shown here are conceptual design”

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Angel demonstrates working Inertial Measurement Unit


It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Angel, and it looks like they’ve made some progress as shown in their latest updates.

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Angel project update demonstrates heart rate monitoring


The Angel health monitor team released a video demonstrating a prototype this week, but we’re not exactly impressed.

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TellSpec food analyzer


Link to Indiegogo campaign.

So what’s in that Twinkie? Sure, there’s the familiar fat and sugar, but what about the thiamine mononitrate? riboflavin? anything else?  Most people choose to rely on the food labels mandated by the FDA to find out what’s in their food, but the folks at TellSpec claim that they have a better solution.

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Everything is For Everyone

vertical farming

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Angel wearable health sensor


Link to Indiegogo campaign.

Of the many fitness trackers we’ve seen on crowdfunding sites such as the Misfit Shine, and …FitBark, none have offered concrete health benefits beyond the general data logging that gives you some idea of how active you’ve been and if it’s okay to get the Value Size fries.

In addition to fitness and performance tracking, the new “Angel” project plans to actually save lives.
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Zendure battery copied on Indiegogo

If you took a look at some of the new campaigns on Indiegogo recently, you might have noticed a familiar project:


We’ve talked about Zendure before, but these aren’t the same guys.

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i-Lusio iPad Hologram


Link to Indiegogo.

Since even long before the Holodeck, humans has been hankering for a way to handle holograms. i-Lusio claims to do that with their new iPad accessory, but it prompts the question “what exactly is a hologram?”

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Lapa – A homing beacon for your valuable junk


Link to Indiegogo

The Claim:
Are you human?  Do you occasionally lose things?  Does it suck when you do?

With the power of social networks and other fashionable buzzwords, you can spend money rather than get your shit together!

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