Despite guarantee, Vybe misses ship date



Remember Vybe? The Buzz Band knock-off successor loudly promised a February 28, 2014 ship date, but has now quietly reneged. While they’ve scrubbed the guarantee from their website, it’s still documented in the Internet Archive and the creator’s letter to Ch00f.

Over 75% of crowdfunding efforts miss their deadline, and there’s still reason to believe Vybe will deliver a product eventually, so this is only notable because:

  1. They made such a big deal about shipping on time during the campaign, and
  2. They are quietly hiding their failure, hoping no one will notice.

We are curious to see what happens if enough backers start demanding their refunds.


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  1. I just checked the website. Says it will ship May 2014!

  2. Vybe sounds like a SCAM! Why would anyone with half a brain buy a product that has not yet been completed? But then again, this world is full of people that are too trusting. If you want to contact Vybe’s owner, here’s the contact information: Chris xxxxxxx, founder and owner. Cell 323-xxx-xxxx. Address: xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx, Huntington Beach CA 92649

  3. Anyone have any updated information related to Vybe? They’ve exhausted my patience and willingness to wait and have not shipped like they promised on December 12th. Looking for a way to demand a refund from them and get site taken down. No point in allowing others to buy a product that doesn’t exist.

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