Drop Kicker Mop Up, Dec. 9


There are some crowd funded projects we come across through our search that are just so out there that we really can’t find anything interesting to say about them.  They’re so far gone that we’re confident that every one of our readers knows better to take them seriously.  That being said, they’re still pretty amusing, so we thought it’d be fun to do a brief bi-monthly wrap-up of the projects that aren’t really worth a full analysis.  Thus, the Drop Kicker Mop Up:

Project Aire


Project Aire promises a smartphone with wrap-around touch-sensitive 1080p IPS displays (that also act as solar panels), biometric security, 8 megapixel front-facing camera, 12 megapixel rear-facing camera, and two days of battery life all running under a custom AireOS and shipping for $245 unsubsidized.  Right now they only have some 3D models, but they plan to ship initial prototypes in March 2014.  The project founder, Autreiyas Watson, has this to say:

As the founder and CEO of what will become the biggest tech company in the world someday, I don’t believe in charging insanely high prices for something that costs much less to produce.  I started this company to help people.  I want to reach out to the masses of people who want something they can design and make their own.  I want our products to be available to everyone, for a fraction of the price of other products that do less.

They’re only asking for a flex-funded $5,000 to “take the next steps: developing and testing [their] prototype as well as developing the infrastructure for large-scale production” and have already made $5,853 as of writing.



The Equalizer365 online application guarantees winning results for gamblers.  After inputting the odds of winning a particular bet and your target earnings per wager, the program tells you how large of a wager to make.  His demo video shows promising results with horse race outcomes that he makes up on the spot.  It’s a bummer that the target earnings field doesn’t let you input $999999999999999.

They’re asking for a flex-funded $23,000 and have $905 at time of writing.

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  1. That first one is so cute. The “CEO” is actually a highschool kid:
    [links to google+ and twitter redacted]
    …and he has clear goals: “Once I make my first million, I’m gonna propose to Cristina”

    There’s certainly no need to analyze the project (it’s 100% daydreams and bullshit) but I have to admit that he’ll net over $5000 though I’m not sure how he’ll deliver on the “preorder” perks for something that will never happen. I hope folks enjoy their T-shirts though.

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