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A quick message from the founder of Hydrobee

Last week, I got a message from Burt Hamner, founder of Hydrobee which we reviewed recently.  Here’s what he had to say (edited to remove personal information):

Your DropKicker review was fair, glad you know we can make the power claimed, and yes, there is a lot more work to do to make this a commercial product!  And yes, I have not done it before, so I got smart.  Find help!

We have now figured out how to charge our USB dynamo/battery with faucets and hoses, streams and rivers, wind, bikes, pulleys and open wood fires.  Design in process.  Found a great prototyping and batch manufacturing team in Tijuana who makes power tools etc.

Also we have a little coalition of local Seattle people forming “McStarter” consulting team to help others do crowd funding.  Maybe we can enlist you guys as product reviewers  pre-Kickstarter, for those entrepreneurs smart enough to know that’s a good idea!

Burt Hamner, President, Hydrobee SPC

Hydrobee: Micro-hydrokinetic power for your phone


Link to Kickstarter Campaign

Energy harvesting is a buzzword that has been cropping up quite a bit recently.  Anything from hand-crank generators and solar panels  to yo-yos and TMNT Shredder masks can be potentially used to generate power for your mobile devices.  Of course, only some of these harvesters have made it to market because it turns out that there isn’t much energy in your yo-yo or lungs to be harvested.  So what about the local river?
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